Stevia Castelló

Technical Data Sheet Castevia (1:3)

PRODUCT Table top sweetener containing Erythritol ( E-968 ) and Steviol glycosides ( E-960 )
COMMERCIAL NAME Stevia plant extract sweetener
COMPOSITION Erythritol (E-968) and Steviol glycosides (E-960)

Solubility: Highly soluble in water
Loss on Drying: < <0,5 %
Ph (1%): 4.0-7.0
Reductive Substances: <<0,3 % (as glucose)
Lead: <<0,5 ppm
Bulk Density: 100-120 ml/100g

Total Mesofilic Bacteria: < <300 c.f.u./g
Yeast: < <50 c.f.u/g
Mould: < <50 c.f.u/g
Salmonella: Negative/25g
Total coliforms: none

Aspect: Odourless white crystals with good fluidity
Odor: Odorless.
Color: Transparent (dissolution at 10% p/v in water).
Taste: Very sweet. 1g is similar to 3g ofsucrose

Per 100g Per 1.5g M.U.
Energetic value: 0 0 Kcal/kJ
Proteins: 0 0 g
Carbohydrates: 99,0 0,99 g
Fats: 0 0 g
Dietary fibre: 0 0 g
Salt: 0 0 g

PRESENTATION Carton boxes with 25 kg. polypropylene internal bags.
STABILITY It’s recommended to keep the product in dry place and in its original packaging and at room temperature.
LABELING Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. No calories. Natural origin ingredients.
LOTE 1.000 kg lots
R.S. I 31.01390/A
TRANSPORT AND STORAGE CONDITIONS Keep the goods in dry and cool place, in its original packaging, at room temperature and away from intense odors.
SHELF LIFE We guarantee a shelf life of 2 years based on manufacture date if the products are stored in their original packaging under the recommended conditions.
MARKET TARGET Low calorie diet.
USE INSTRUCTIONS Sweetener power 3 times than sugar.
Ingredients meet all legal requirements of 231/2012/EC.
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